About Us

Helping Individuals to Achieve Financial Freedom!

Franchise Guides provides free consultation and helps anyone who needs assistance in starting a franchise business. Our organization’s database can research hundreds of franchise companies throughout the United States and help find the right business model based on your goals, finance, industry sector, career and other personal circumstances. We also recruit professionals, executives and employees looking for changes in career path or a second income source. Our team works directly with the Franchisors and can provide direct contact specialists who can process your application efficiently. We answer all your questions and can help provide business set-up, lending sources, legal support and accounting professionals.

Franchise Guides assists foreigners and immigrants in obtaining American residence by investment, E-2 visas, I-485 change of status, family derivatives, Social Security authorization to work, and other avenues for legal status. We work with immigration attorneys to package a complete service in achieving the American dream. We also hire management firms to operate for individuals who are absentee or need assistance in their various investments. Not only are we concerned about a positive return on investment but building efficient goodwill, fair market valuation and diversity.

There are specialized SBA loan programs for Franchisees. We will support with facilitating a range of business loans and programs designed to assist in start-ups, acquisitions, refinance and working capital needs. The main feature of this initiative is the preferred lender status which enables expedited loan process bypassing the standard SBA approval procedure. Franchise Guides focuses on all stages of starting your own franchise business at NO COST to you. Our organization is here to serve and educate the public.

Why should I choose a Franchise? Franchisors help with training, provide leads for growth, build a network for success, public recognition, provide the tools to learn and specialize your expertise, market your business nationally and locally. Franchise will grow faster and guide to a stronger foundation.

What industry are you interested in? Work from Home, Food & Beverages, Education & Coaching, Senior Care, Home Repair, Automotive, Pets, Fitness & Sports, Real Estate, Travel & Leisure, or Open to Any Sector.

Contact Us via Website, Email or Message. Fill out our Questionnaire online so that we can narrow your search and guide you in the right direction.

Our Work Process

Step 01

Contact Us

Fill out our information form and expect a prompt response from one of our dedicated franchise consultants at no cost to you.

Step 02


We understand your strengths and aspirations and identify business models that align seamlessly with your goals.

Step 03


Here we introduce you to potential franchises, offering insights into exciting name-brand opportunities. Keep an open mind, meticulously assess each model, and uncover hidden potential for success.

Step 04

Review of Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD)

Once you receive the FDD, thoroughly examine it, seeking answers with the franchisor’s assistance. Connect with existing franchisees for firsthand insights.